Global Prize Overview

The World Bank’s Mission Billion Global Prize is seeking solutions to ensure ID systems are inclusive of women and girls, and vulnerable groups while taking into account the social distancing measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


  • Given that getting an ID often requires in-person registration and/or identity proofing that may not be safe in the near term: How can countries ensure that everyone—especially vulnerable groups—are able to apply/register for an ID in a way that protects people’s health and the integrity of the ID system?
  • Given the acceleration of moving services from face-to-face to online: How can countries ensure that digital authentication mechanisms—which often require smartphones, computers and/or internet access—are accessible and user-friendly for marginalized and vulnerable populations to facilitate remote access to services and benefits?

Solutions should be practical, cost effective and be relevant for developing country contexts, such as in Africa and Asia, in which some segments of the population may have low literacy and numeracy levels, as well as limited digital skills.

The creative ideas and innovative solutions can be complete solutions for digital identification systems, or features, or components that enhance existing systems.  Examples of the types of submissions the Challenge is seeking include (but are not limited to):

  • New ways of thinking
  • New technologies or different uses for existing technologies
  • Business and/or technical processes
  • Enterprise, technical or functional architectures

To maximize the development impact and wide-spread adoption, all submission shall be open solutions, i.e. made available on public licenses that allow re-use without restrictions.