Counting the number of people who do not have an ID worldwide is an enormous, but important task. The only indicator currently associated with SDG 16.9 on providing a legal identity for all is under-5 birth registration, which measures progress for only a subset of the population. To better understand the global identification challenge, ID4D has implemented two different measurement strategies:

  1. the Global ID4D Dataset, based on official figures from ID authorities, voter registration, and UNICEF birth registration data; and
  2. representative surveys from 99 countries, collected in partnership with the World Bank’s Global Findex team.

Although neither is a perfect measure at the country level, these two datasets provide a reasonable estimate about the scale of the global identity gap and help focus our efforts on the areas with the greatest need. To find out more about the data used to generate our estimates and how these two data sources differ, please see our data notes.

Explore these two datasets via ID4D’s Data Visualization, or download them using the buttons below.

Download the Global ID4D DatasetDownload the ID4D-Findex Survey Data

For more detailed analysis, please see our blog and note on ID coverage