The ID4D Initiative provide comprehensive analytical support and technical assistance to client countries, regions, and World Bank project teams working to build inclusive and trusted ID and CR ecosystems. This support is tailored to the unique contexts and specific priorities in each country. 

Through ID4D, the World Bank currently supports 58 countries and 4 regional organizations to improve the inclusivity, functionality, and governance of ID and CR systems. This includes technical, legal, and analytical assistance designed to help countries assess the status quo;evaluate key priorities, challenges;and to implement good practices for technical design, procurement, inclusion, data protection, community engagement, and more. 

This support is guided by the Principles on Identification for Sustainable Development, and aligned with local context and needs.

Some countries are at earlier stages of establishing foundational ID and CR systems and are focused on providinguniversal proof of identification to their populations for the first time, allowing individuals to have easier access to various servicesand government to improve the efficiency of service delivery. In contrast, other countries already have well-established foundational systems and are looking to enhance their functionalities to enable digital identity services for in-person or online transactions. 

ID4D Country Action and regional engagement frequently begins with a diagnostic exercise—visit our ID4D Diagnostics for more information.